Friday, July 31, 2015

Focus Through the Prism Log Cabin Challenge

The log cabin is one of my favorite blocks because there is so much you can do with that block.  And that was a problem for me this month.  I looked in all of my log cabin books, I looked on-line, I looked on Pinterest and saw tons and tons of log cabin variations.  What kept popping in my mind as I was searching was a green log cabin with specks of colors.  That design came to me so often, I decided not to fight it and made it.  So, here it is......
I had many wonderful suggestions for names from Focus Facebook friends.  I have decided to call it Specks and Spots.
 Here are some close up views of the specks and spots.  All of those pieces were pieced in--no applique.  Some were cut 5/8", so they finish 1/8".  The red stripe is a flange.  I even used little specks pieced into the binding.  I'm happy how this turned out.  Green is my favorite color and it was so fun to pull different greens and decide where to add the specks and spots.  Some of the greens were the backside of the fabric.  Remember quilters, you own both sides of the fabric!

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  1. I love the specks and spots. They add so much life to the log cabin. You did a great job.