Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hearts for My Birthday

Today is my birthday and the PQ Season 6 Challenge 4 deadline.  The challenge this time was Have a Heart--the challenge piece had to have at least 12 hearts.  I call my Hearts for My Birthday and it is 16" square.  Notice the prairie points that look like hearts.  I thought I was pretty clever with that one!

My little chicken didn't make an appearance on the UFO challenge or on this one yet, but look for a post later this week.  She really wants to try out the last two quilts.

PS.  I quilt in Reedsburg, WI.
PPS.  I should win a prize because it's my birthday.  :)


  1. Happy belated birthday. Very cute quilt. Prairie points are a very clever addition.

  2. What a cute little quilts! I love what you did with the prairie points! Sorry you didn't win but hope you had a wonderful birthday anyway.