Sunday, January 25, 2015

Project Quilting Retreat

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of spending time at Woodland Ridge Retreat for a Project Quilting Challenge retreat.  At 1 pm on Friday, we were given this wonderful PQ bag, filled with fabric and the challenge rules.
The challenge was the APE challenge.  The A was for applique, but in a new way.  Kim Lapacek, PQ Challenge Master extraordinaire, taught us Painted Applique.  We used special colored pencils to draw in the fabric and then covered our coloring with a fabric medium to set it.  P was for piecing and E was for embellishment.  In addition, we had to use the the fabric on the left and right, pictured above.

So, this is my Dandelion and Daisies.
The dandelion in the center is my painted applique.  I painted it directly on to the background fabric.  The leaves were also colored with the colored pencils, but were done on a different fabric, then appliqued down.  It was a challenge because the flower was on the background and I wanted the leaves to look like they were behind the dandelion.  I was able to make it work.  I pieced the the partial border to fulfill the pieced requirement.  The dragonfly was embellished with beads for eyes and the end of the antenna.  I also added ceramic hedgehog buttons (thanks, Trish!) and the dandelion fluff is made from Angelina fibers.  A shout out to Frieda Anderson and her book, Fun, Fast Fusies, which is where I found the dandelion design.
A close-up of the hedgehog buttons.  Hey, where did the chicken come from?  She shows up again, but she decided she and hedgehogs don't mix.

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