Friday, October 31, 2014

October Challenge

October has been a busy month, but it has been great.  I am really loving the school year thus far--much better than last year!  I'm feeling more productive in my quilting than last year.  Being happier makes it easier to be motivated to quilt.

So, this month, the challenge was to be inspired by candy corn.  Here is my piece, A Leaf from the Candy Corn Tree.  It is Judy Niemeyer's pattern One.  My son helped me pick out the background colors.  It is 20" x 40".

 Below is a close up of the leaf.  I used my yellow and orange hand-dyes for the leaf and a purple hand-dye for the center vein.  The picture on the right shows a close-up of the binding.  I managed to make a perfect switch in the binding color as I transitioned from one background color to the other.  I'm pretty proud of myself.


  1. Wow, Turned out beautiful Kelly.

  2. I ADORE this! It took my breath away when you shared it at guild. Bravo - well done!