Friday, May 30, 2014

Mini Dresdens

So here is my challenge piece for the PQ measurement challenge.  The challenge was to use a ruler you have and have never used.  Like a quilter would ever have rulers she hasn't used.  The ruler I used was the EZ Dresden.  I was going to make this big, but I decided that 20x20" was enough.  I will probably use the ruler again and make big Dresedens.  The fabric in the center of the Dresedens and the center of the quilt is for the Sun Prairie Quilt Show Challenge.  You need to use that fabric and the theme was circles or curves.  So, one challenge piece meets the criteria of two challenges.  The bonus is that the Sun Prairie challenge isn't due until March.  I'm actually ahead of the game!
Here's a close-up.  The spokes in the Dresdens are some of my hand-dyes.  Nothing really spectacular, but it is kinda cute.