Monday, April 14, 2014

Graduated Spiral

Here is the Triple Threat Challenge project.  I call it Graduated Spiral.  It is about 34x40.  The challenge involved using fabric from a package purchased from Persimmon Dreams.  The package also included embellishments.  I had to use a recognizable amount of each fabric, as well as the embellishments.
This is a picture of the package I received.  Quite an interesting combination of fabrics and extras.

In addition to using the fabrics and the embellishments, there had to be three star blocks, three nine patches, and one other traditional block.  I used three bulls-eye blocks and three yo-yos to fulfill the other traditional block requirement.  As you can see, I opted to turn my blocks into circles, then spiral them around.

I made one circle block with the embellishments and I ended the spiral with the floral embellishments.  I put all the leftover fabric on the back.

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