Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Today was a good day spent with family. Everyone gathered at my mom and dad's--all four of us kids and our spouses, all the grandkids, and the one grandkid-in-law. What a wonderful day to have the WHOLE family together. It doesn't happen often enough. I soaked in every minute of family time.

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas, as well. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The best laid plans....

Ok, back in April, I said I'd quilt 5 minutes a day. Well, I haven't quite lived up to that. I can say that I have averaged 5 minutes a day, but have not done 5 minutes each day. It has been really hard to get motivated to quilt when I get home from work. I'm so tired everyday, partly from working two jobs. It's been awhile since I've been downstairs at my sewing machine. I know this tiredness and the need to work two jobs will pass and I will be producing at the sewing machine again. In the meantime, I'll try to do 5 minutes a day. FYI--check ebay for things I'm selling--longaberger baskets, quilt tops, etc. You'll find my things under gliderguy100 (my hubby set up the ebay account).