Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dye Results

This is a picture of the results of the ice dyeing from yesterday. It is a gorgeous piece of fabric; almost too pretty to cut up. Stephen really liked it. He liked how crisp and clear the colors are.

The second picture is a piece of fabric I dyed with the "drippings" from the ice dyeing. I put the screen over a plastic container to catch the run-off. Of course, I couldn't just let that go to waste, so I put a piece of fabric in it. It turned out great. Sometimes the best pieces are those I dye so as to not waste leftover dye. Once I rinsed the fabric, it turned out more blue than it shows in the picture. It is definitely more subtle than the first.

I'm trying another ice dyeing method. I crushed up plain ice in the blender and put it on top of the fabric. Then I crushed up the "dyce" cubes with the hammer and sprinkled it on top of the plain ice. This will be closer to the snow dyeing technique I want to try out. Watch for the results!
I need to sell some of my fabric. I'm almost out of white fabric to dye. If I sell some of my pieces, then I can have enough money to buy another bolt of blank fabric to dye some more. Feed my habit.

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