Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Six Ladies and the rain

Last week, I was lucky enough to spend time on Washington Island. For those not up on Wisconsin geography, Washington Island is off of the "thumb" of Wisconsin. You need to take a car ferry to get there.

So, last Tuesday night, my fellow quilters and I went to Karly's for burger night. Karly's is a bar and restaurant. On burger night, they serve a burger or cheeseburger and fries for $3.50, in their parking lot. It's come to be a tradition with my fellow quilters and I.

When we got there, the sky was a threatening. The gal that drove happened to have some umbrellas in her van, so we put them up as we sat at the table. It started to drizzle a little when the burger girl came to take our order. The drink girl came for our drink order and the moisture was still managable. Shortly after our beers arrived, the sky let loose in a manner fitting Noah.

We were staying somewhat dry under the umbrellas at first. Other customers were getting up and heading into the bar. It's a small bar. There is a a banquet room, but they had something going on there. We decided to hang out outside.

We were still sipping our beer, waiting for our burgers, as employees were putting away the tables in the parking lot. By this time, we were getting wet. The rain was so hard that the rain was running off the umbrellas on to us. We did manage to keep our beer out of the rain. We decided to keep hanging out; after all we were already soaked. But still no burgers.

There were a few other die-hards still in the parking lot. Mostly people who had arrived after we did. These people were getting their burgers and leaving. Still no burgers for us. We hailed each employee who passed, all of whom promised to check on our order.

Well, we finally decided that we had waited too long. One of our group went into the bar to find out what was going on. She came back and said they had lost our order, but the burgers were on the way. We waited and waited, but still no burgers.

Another one of our group went in. This gal is one you don't mess with. She was at the bar a few minutes before she got the attention of the bartender. When the bartender finally came over, our friend explained our situation. They acknowledged they had lost the order. Our friend told them we needed a free round of drinks for our wait. She walked out to our table with the brews, followed closely behind by the waitress with the burgers. We ate, went home, and changed.

It took from Tuesday until Thursday for my clothes to dry!

I opted not to name my quilting cohorts. We are all part of the Not Smart Enough to Get Out of the Rain Witness Protection Program. We will go to for burger night next year!


  1. So did you have a good time in spite of the rain? It sure has been a humid summer in Wisconsin this year. At least your clothes dried before they became mildewed!

  2. We did have a good time and now we have a good story to tell. I finished my Judy Niemeyer Hawaiian Star and it is gorgeous! I'll post pics soon.