Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Seventh Grade Quilt

Here are some pics of the 7th grade quilt. Each student added a sashing strip to one of their blocks, then we laid them all out. It was interesting to have 14 quilters deciding on the best way to lay out the blocks. I think they did a great job balancing the colors.

Once it was laid out, I sewed the rows together and added the borders. I used up pretty much every thread of the layer cake I bought for it. When it's all quilted, I'll post a picture of the completed top and back. I've taken to piecing backs in order to use up all of the fabric I bought for that quilt. It makes it fun and practical.

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  1. Hello! Just popped in for a quick visit! You've got some lovely quilty creations happening here! Very nice! 8-)