Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dyeing to try new stuff...

I've been dyeing all week. I'm working on some 8-step gradations for a quilt I'm working on--Trip X 2 that I started in a workshop with Linda Marcou. I've dyed a different color every day so far this week. Here's alpine blue, with a dash of better black added.
Below to the left is a picture of my dyeing "station." A chest freezer makes a great place to set up dye baths. It's in the "messy" part of the basement and the height of the freezer is just right for working on. It's an old freezer, so no one cares if it gets stained.

The last picture shows the start of my bucket dyeing, a technique learned from Chris D. I layer up three hunks of fabric, one-at-a-time, pouring dye and soda ash on each layer. I also used red and yellow on subsequent layers. I can't wait to see how it looks!

I got Trevor's Puget Sound quilt done, finally. He's going to be able to sleep under it tonight. He is overjoyed! I feel good having completed a UFO!


  1. Please bring to show and tell next month.

  2. I plan on bringing what I've dyed. The bucket dyed pieces turned out beautiful! I'll post pictures on facebook.

  3. Pretty blues. I want to use red dye on some white-on-muslin stuff the church ladies have. Never tried it.

  4. I've dyed the white on muslin and it turns out really cool. The print acts like a resist and doesn't take the dye. I did a fushia 6-step gradation with the muslin on white.