Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tacoma Loves My Quilts

I was trying to lay out a quilt, but apparently, Tacoma needed to be between me and what I'm doing! A 90 lb dog is pretty much an unmovable object!

The first month of my challenge is over and I have managed to quilt at least five minutes each day. It takes about five minutes to sew a hexagon onto my GFG quilt, so there have been a few days that's all I did. But for each one sewed on, that's one more closer to being done.

I think I have to add some organizing the sewing room time into my challenge. It's almost to the point that I can't walk around.


  1. My cat behaves just like your Tacoma - anytime I "layout" my blocks on the floor! Ha!
    Question: I'm looking to assemble an antique (1930's) Grandmother's Flower Garden (w/green paths) TOP - and would like suggestions for quilting by home machine (Pfaff 7570 or a Janome 6500). How do/did you finish your GFG - if you have? Thanks from Rochelle in San Jose, Calif.

  2. I'm still a long way from getting to the quilting part of the GFG. When I do get there, I plan on quilting it on my Bernina 440. I think I'm going to go around the inside "flower" with a curve from corner to corner, starting exactly at the corner then curving out to about 1/4" at the center of the hexagon. I'll repeat on the outside of the flower. I hope that make sense.