Thursday, April 8, 2010

I feel like I accomplished something!

Well, 2/3 of the wedding quilt is pieced together. Only 1/3 left to go, then borders, layering, quilting and binding. It will get done!!! I'd post a picture, but I took my camera to school to take pictures of some projects my students did. When I got it there, I realized that the batteries had died. I was going to see if the janitor had any batteries, then I realized the memory chip from the camera was in my computer at home. So, the camera is still at school and the memory chip is still in my computer. Duh! I'm taking it out right now and sticking it in my purse so I don't forget it. I'll bring the camera home this weekend and take a picture then. I may get the top all pieced by then.

Please remind me to never get into political discussions on Facebook. It gets my blood pressure up and I think all of my cousins on my dad's side hate me now. When will I learn to keep my mouth shut or my fingers off the keyboard?

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  1. I saw that discussion on facebook. I was tempted to comment, but something told me to back away from the keyboard. Glad I did. Your camera fiasco sounds like one I had at a guild meeting. memory chips and batteries. At least it is not film anymore.