Thursday, April 1, 2010

And so the challenge begins......

April 1st, the first day of my challenge--at least 5 mins. a day of quilting. I'm off to a good start. I spent about a 1/2 hr going through some of my UFO boxes. I did take some fabrics out that I had set aside for a project that I know now I'll never do. More fabric for my stash!

I also cut out my crayon challenge for the quilt guild. It's due in May, so I figured I'd better get started. I'm using Karla Alexander's book, Stack a New Deck.
Here is a picture of a stack of fabrics I just cut, before I shuffled the deck. My crayon colors are pink and red and the rest of the quilt has to be black and white.

This picture shows some of the shuffled blocks. The pink and red are my own hand dyes.

I sewed up two blocks, just to see what they look like. I will have to square up the blocks. I'll wait until I sew them all up before I square them. I think they'll square to 5 1/2". The pattern is called Saturn and Karla says to cut the original squares 9 1/2". I didn't have 9 1/2" of the red, so I cut the original size 6 1/2". A couple of helpful hints for the curved pieceing: You need a needle-down position on your machine! A stilleto is helpful. You need to slow down as you piece and use a very scant 1/4" seam. I pinned just at the middle. I think they turned out pretty well. I have to work on Mal & Mike's wedding quilt before I get back to the crayon challenge, though. They are having a housewarming on May 15th....maybe I can have the quilt done by then.


  1. Cool! Curved piecing is pretty scarey. I have been working on a Wedding Ring for two years, and I can't get the corner sections to match. I can't wait to see the unveil.

  2. Kelly, thanks for leaving your blog site for us at the American Quilter's Society to read, it's a great blog. Check our facebook page on Friday to find out the winner of the Blog-of-the-Week!

    You'll be surprised with how productive you can be in five focused minutes; keep up the great work!