Monday, November 30, 2015

Atomic Snowball

I've been waiting for the right challenge to incorporate Kim Lapacek's Dresden Neighborhood.  Since this is the last month of the Focus Through the Prism challenge, I figured I'd better use it.  The challenge block was the snowball.  The center of my Dresden Plate is a snowball block.  The white is a bunch of bits of fabric glued to a base, then sewn down.  I added a few red snippets to make it look good.  The center and the outside are quilted with a red iridescent thread.  The blades on the Dresden are quilted with a white iridescent thread.  I call it Atomic Snowball because I see the center is exploding in space.

I have to thank Kim for her Dresden Neighborhood pattern.  Without that inspiration, I would have never made the blades of my Dresden different lengths.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Purple Rain

Here it is.  The second to last entry in the Focus Through the Prism Challenge.  The inspiration block was 9 Patch.  I call this Purple Rain.
I did some curved piecing and string piecing to make each of the nine patches.  Some of the strips have small bits pieced in them.  I quilted straight lines, from top to bottom, and varied the distance between the quilting lines.  Hubby helped me decide what thread to use for quilting.  The top half of each quilted line is done with a purple variegated cotton and a polyester iridescent threaded together through the needle.  The bottom half of the lines are done in a solid purple cotton.  The final touch was hot-fix crystals.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Flying Geese Challenge

Circling the Sun.  Again, I wait until the last minute.  I like how Kaffe Fassett, Cherrywood, and my hand-dyed fabrics all play together on my piece.  The geese are paper pieced, using Judy Niemeyer papers.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Orange Slices

Made it with hours to spare!  This wasn't even cut out yesterday.  :)  I'm calling it Orange Slices because it reminds me of the orange slice candies my husband likes to eat.  Not much else to say about it because I have to go to bed--the first day of school is tomorrow.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Focus Through the Prism Log Cabin Challenge

The log cabin is one of my favorite blocks because there is so much you can do with that block.  And that was a problem for me this month.  I looked in all of my log cabin books, I looked on-line, I looked on Pinterest and saw tons and tons of log cabin variations.  What kept popping in my mind as I was searching was a green log cabin with specks of colors.  That design came to me so often, I decided not to fight it and made it.  So, here it is......
I had many wonderful suggestions for names from Focus Facebook friends.  I have decided to call it Specks and Spots.
 Here are some close up views of the specks and spots.  All of those pieces were pieced in--no applique.  Some were cut 5/8", so they finish 1/8".  The red stripe is a flange.  I even used little specks pieced into the binding.  I'm happy how this turned out.  Green is my favorite color and it was so fun to pull different greens and decide where to add the specks and spots.  Some of the greens were the backside of the fabric.  Remember quilters, you own both sides of the fabric!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Focus Through the Prism Friendship Star

"Friendship lasts forever"....The lyrics to the Spice Girls song was going through my head as I made this quilt.  So, of course the name of this quilt is Friendship Lasts Forever.
This quilt represents my two best friends and myself.  I am lucky enough to have these two friends in my life who I've known since we were eight or nine.  We have been there for each other in good times and difficult times.  We laugh and bitch together.  It's wonderful.  Thanks, Sue and Joy for years of friendship and the many more to come.

If you look closely at the friendship star blocks, you will see I interlocked them by sharing corners.  The picture to the left shows the shared corner square--the top left of the bottom block and the lower right of the top block.   The picture below shows those shared corners, also.  I interconnected them to show how the lives for my friends and I are interconnected.  Three separate people, with a shared history and a shared love for one another.
I changed the friendship star slightly.  Usually, the center of the stars is a solid square, but I decided to bisect it on the diagonals.  I like the movement this design element brought out.

I pieced the background directly onto batting, leaving the center area empty, then appliqued the interconnected blocks on top.  I then put a back on the quilt and did some quilting through all three layers.  You can't really tell very well, but I quilted lines from the corner of the center block in kind of a starburst pattern.  I chose the blue background to represent space, and eternity, to show how long our friendship will last.

The piece is 20" square and was made in Reedsburg, Wisconsin.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Focus Through the Prism Monkey Wrench

My friend, Kim Lapacek, has started a new series of quilt challenges for the rest of this year.  She calls it Focus Through the Prism .  We had to buy a special packet of rainbow colored fabric (ROYGBIV from Cherrywood).  Each month, she challenges us by giving us a block as inspiration.  We need to make a 20" quilt, inspired by the block, with one of the rainbow colors as a focus.  For the month of May, the block is the Monkey Wrench.  Here is my interpretation....
I call it Curious George and the Monkey Bars.  I think you can figure out my focus color--yellow.  It is a variation of the monkey wrench.  When Kim issued the challenge, Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat immediately came to mind.  I knew I had to use yellow to make this quilt.  I found a quilt block in one of my books that is a modified monkey wrench.  The narrow black pieces on the center diamond and the corner triangles are piping.

Here is Curious George.  I think I did a great job on him!